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Leak Defender for Well Pumps



The Leak Defender is a unique sensor based water leak detection system engineered for simplicity. It is designed to detect leaks near the well pressure tank, manifold or other nearby appliances and shut off the water by cutting off power to your well pump. Up to 6 hard-wired water sensors can be placed on the floor in the mechanical room or near indoor well system components for fast proactive response to potentially catastrophic leaks. When the leak is resolved and the area and sensor are dried, a simple button press on the sensor is all it takes to restore power to the well pump.

Complete System Includes:

  • Control box with Large Electromechanical Power Relay
  • Built-in 80 dB Audible Alarm
  • One Water Detection Sensor on a 6 ft long cable with special adaptor

Other Features:

  • Designed for 2 Horse Power pumps or less (3 & 5 HP pump controls: part # FD-220V-3&5HP also available)
  • 115 VAC @ 40 Amps or (220 VAC @ 40 Amps: part # FD-2S-220V-NC also available)
  • Optional Dual Cable Output Connectors for multiple Sensors (Y splitter)
  • Optional Sensor Lead Extension Cables in 6, 15, 30 and 50 ft.
  • Optional Pump Control Output Cable Assembly
  • System is capable of up to six sensors with Y splitters
  • Optional Alarm Input/Output Connector Relay is factory installed so must be ordered with system in drop list options if desired

No external power source is required as it draws off of the power going through the pumping system between the pressure switch and the circuit breaker. Installation is easy on new well pump installations and retrofits and does not require any plumbing. It typically takes less than 30 minutes to install and can even be connected to your alarm system's central monitoring station IF YOU Select the version of the system you want from the drop list in the product's section that indicates "with Relay".  This option upgrades the control box at the factory to include the ALARM INPUT/OUTPUT RELAY CONNECTOR MODULE.  This upgrade must be ordered at the time of original purchase and can not be retrofit in the field.  Leak Defender Control boxes that include this alarm connection realy feature are:

FD-2S-115V-NCR for the 115 VAC / 2 HP pumps or less

FD-2S-220V-NCR for the 220 VAC / 2 HP pumps or less

FD-220V-3&5HPR for the 220 VAC / 3 & 5 HP pumps or less

NOTE:  We strongly recommend that a licensed electrician perform the installation of this product.

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