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Water Hero



The Water Hero P-100 is a plumbing leak detection and automatic water shutoff system that monitors continuous water flow in a Home mode or Away mode so you can set the length of time water is allowed to flow in each mode separately. This allows you to accommodate greater flow needs based on your typical use while you are home and less for the use of appliances that draw water automatically even while you are away.

The P-100 features a fully interactive online dashboard that provides minute-by-minute water consumption data, temperature and valve status, which you can view and remotely control on your computer, tablet or smartphone. When a leak is detected users receive a text/email alert followed by automatic water shut-off when there is continuous flow for more than the user’s set amount of time. Water Hero also alerts users when it detects high or low temperatures that could indicate a fire or furnace failure.

The P-100 unit consists of three components and access to the Water Hero software system. Components include:

  1. Controller Hub with Main Board, Wi-Fi chip and state-of-the-art processor
  2. Water Hero smart electronics, brass water meter and union couplings
  3. ¾” or 1” Motorized stainless steel ball valve

Installation typically takes approximately 1 hour and requires the following high level steps:

  1. Interconnect unit with existing homeowner Wi-Fi network
  2. Drain water after the point of installation
  3. Cut ~12” to 16” section into the pipe where water enters the home
  4. Assemble and solder any necessary fittings, unions, water meter and actuator valve into the pipe

Operational Requirements

  • Must be installed indoors, unit is not waterproof
  • Broadband Wi-Fi connection [unless opting for cellular option]
  • Must have AC power outlet available within 5 ½ feet of Control Hub
  • Main Board with Wi-Fi chip must be located in reach of 2.4 GHz Internet signal
  • Pipe installation by experienced plumbing contractor
  • 12” to 16” straight pipe space required
  • Install after Utility Water Meter or well tanks, near where main water supply enters the building via basement, slab or in garage (can be modified based on space/power options)
  • Horizontal or vertical installation
  • Water Hero P-100 must be plumbed after (downstream of) fire suppression systems


  • Controller Hub with main board, Wi-Fi chip and state-of-the-art processor
  • Water Hero smart electronics, brass water meter and union couplings
  • Full port stainless steel motorized ball valve (3/4” or 1”) with 5.5' interconnect cable to hub
  • 5.5’ AC power adapter and wire for hub power plug in to wall outlet
  • 6’ RJ 45 cable
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