PeakFlow IControl

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PeakFlow IControl
Product ID : PF-IC

The PeakFlow IControl is a high capacity, internet connected battery back-up smart sump pump system made right here in the USA. This system lets you monitor the status of your sump pump and pit for free, any time of day from anywhere in the world with an internet connection from your computer, smartphone or tablet PC. It can even call, text or email you in the event of 16 different possible system conditions or problems so that you or someone nearby can respond quickly. The back-up battery charger is even designed to maximize the life and efficiency of your battery so you are protected most when it counts.

How It Works


  • Internet connection to give you 100% access and control anytime, anywhere
  • Free online interface with your pump’s IP address for full pump control and testing
  • Fully self-testing with notification for 16 different conditions or errors
  • Notification options by phone, email, text or most home security systems
  • Fully customizable notification settings
  • Highest performance pump equipment in the industry
  • Optional dual pump kit available
  • iPhone app available soon!



  • 43 GPM @ 10' lift, non-corroding pump
  • Operates on both AC or DC for 5 days run time @ 5% duty cycle during power outage
  • Pumps over 15,000 gallons on a single battery but can be connected to 2 batteries
  • Made in USA, Patents Pending
  • No industry comparison


System Includes:

  • The PeakFlow controller
  • The PeakFlow Ethernet keypad
  • The PeakFlow 7 Series pump
  • 1 dual float sensor
  • 1 battery box
  • Desktop stands for keypad if desired
  • 5-year warranty

Here are some examples of the iControl's web interface and online controls.