Leak Defense System

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Leak Defense System
Our Leak Defense System
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The Leak Defense System is a whole house water leak detection system and automatic water shut off valve. It uses a flow-sensor and a motorized ball valve to constantly monitor water flow into the house. This system uses "Home" and "Away" modes for adjustable time and volume intervals for your custom water use habits. While the timers can be adjusted at the backlit touch-screen control panel according to personal preference, the flow settings for this system should be calibrated to each home individually after installation. This valve system is available from 3/4" up to 2" for larger homes or commercial applications.

Most items needed for the System are included:

  1. Backlit touch-screen control panel with 10' cable lead (extra cable may be ordered up to 200')
  2. Automated full-port lead-free brass ball valve with FNPT connections and 1' cable leads for transformer and control panel connection (2" also available in stainless steel)
  3. Stainless Steel flow body with MNPT connection with flow sensors and electronics housed in an aluminum water resistant case
  4. Transformer power supply with 10' cable lead (extra cable may be ordered up to 30')
  5. Standard Limited 2 Year Warranty


  • Manual override
  • Valve can be installed in any orientation in both indoor and outdoor environments that do not reach freezing temperatures and are protected from direct sunlight
  • Compatible with all domestic cold water pipe systems
  • Can be connected to "Smart Home" systems and alarm systems for notification
  • Control panel allows the user to easily close the water valve to stop water flow at any time

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